The importance of skincare for men

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Skincare is an important routine for all; whether you're a man or a woman because your skin works as a safety layer for your body. Our skin is the largest organ we have, which makes it imperative that we take care of it. We wrote this post to educate and emphasise the importance of skincare for men. Take a few minutes every day to care for your skin to ensure that your skin barrier is healthy.

A simple routine such as cleansing and moisturising regularly makes a significant impact on the overall appearance of your skin. Additionally, using quality skincare products help to reduce the chances of acne breakouts and other skin problems you might have. That being said, skincare for men isn’t a one-size fits all remedy. Knowing your skin type, understanding the climate you live in is key in understanding which products might or might not work for you. We get it, it can get problematic when you have a pesky zit or an unexpected breakout - especially when you have an important event coming up.

Having a skincare routine may not always keep them at bay. Certain lifestyle factors such as hormonal changes, stress, smoking, a new skincare routine or a change in the environment could cause acne or accelerate signs of ageing as well. Men have seen results when using a consistent skincare routine that they know works for their skin type. Even if you have good skin, moderate usage of quality skincare products helps you in keeping your skin healthy and young.

Why should men place an emphasis on skincare ?

Some Men Have Sensitive Skin Exposure to dust, pollution, and other harmful elements of the environment harm your skin in the long term, especially if your skin is sensitive. In addition, if not treated properly, dirt in the air and textile particles from your clothes and pillows can cause pimples and acne.

Shaving May Cause skin problems.

Shaving is essentially regular cleaning for men's skin, which is one of the main reasons for their smooth and bright faces. Nonetheless, shaving also removes the top layer of the skin, making it susceptible to dirt and infection.

Sunburns May Cause Skin damage and Skin Cancer.

Sunburns can cause serious skin problems, including skin cancer; therefore, it's important to consider using a sunscreen or toner every day. It is a must-must to prevent skin cancer. If you want to follow a daily skincare routine, including good SPF lotion or toner are great options to start with. You need to use them even in the winter as UV rays can penetrate your skin.

Effective Skincare Tips for Men

Here we recommend the following tips to help men develop healthy skin care routines: Vet Your product labels and ingredients:

Your skin type plays a major role for you to decide which skin care products you should use. For example, if you have acne-prone skin, search for oil-free or non-comedogenic cleansers and moisturisers, as these won't block your pores. On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, we suggest that you give Anthousai a try for a better approach.

Anthousai is a unisex toner for skin that’s prone to acne, rosacea and eczema. Formulated with Tea tree and Lavender, it helps you calm inflamed, red, itchy and irritated skin. Moisturize regularly Moisturizer helps to reduce the wrinkles on your skin and keep it young, bright, and fresh.

Apply moisturizer to your face and body while your skin is still damp after bathing, showering, or shaving for the best results. Alternatively, you could try using serums if you have facial hair. Wash your face regularly Wash your face with a light facial cleanser and lukewarm — not hot — water rather than regular bar soap, which sometimes contains harsh ingredients that lead to drying conditions of your skin.


What are the benefits of having a skincare routine for men?

Men can reduce current wrinkles and avoid future wrinkles by taking care of their face with appropriate cleansers, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. In addition, men can avoid seeming older than they are by reducing the wrinkles with regular skincare.

Is it important to have a skincare routine?

While a skincare routine can look time-consuming, the procedures for healthy skin are essential and easy to follow. Knowing your skin and treating it are keys to skin durability. In addition, you should consider your skin type to follow a particular skincare routine.

How is men's skin different from women's?

Both male and female hormones have a massive effect on their skin. Men's skin is around 25% thicker, with more collagen, larger and more numerous hair follicles, and higher sebum production, which are all mostly related to increased testosterone production.

We hope you find this information helpful and it inspires you to take care of your skin. Every man’s skin is different, and there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" solution to skincare.

Following a regular skincare routine would potentially help to look younger in your 40s, 50s and 60s! ;) We formulated Adonis with frankincense and sandalwood.

There are a myriad of benefits when it comes to frankincense and sandalwood when it comes to skincare. Benefits such as enhanced elasticity of skin, accelerated healing of acne scarring and stretch marks, smooth and bouncy skin that’s hydrated as well as a luscious beard are just some of the key benefits!

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